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After spending the weeks leading up to my first driving lesson
feeling nervous, 10 minutes with Fiona and I felt at ease. She has a
structured style of teaching, keeping good records of your progress
and using a number of visual aids and techniques to help you learn
manoeuvres and different situations you will encounter. Fiona was also
willing to give me lessons in both Launceston and Plymouth, allowing
me to feel comfortable driving in both areas. By the time I took my
test I was feeling extremely confident. I strongly recommend learning
to drive with Fiona!:) Thank you. Chloe Mabin, 17, Kelly Bray

I have been learning to drive on and off for 4 years now. I have had 2 driving instructors, Fiona being my 3rd. My first instructor was teaching me just how to pass my test and not how to actually drive. My 2nd driving instructor was teaching me how to drive and pass my test but was not patient enough to undo the bad habits from my previous instructor. Then Fiona came along, not only is she patient and calm, she is flexible and honest, she works with you and her number 1 priority is being safe on the road. After 2 not-so-good instructors I had a lot of relearning to do. Fiona worked through my weak areas and made them strengths. Roundabouts and me before Fiona just didn’t mix, so after about 4 hours of driving round Callington hitting every roundabout we could from all the directions we could, I finally got it. She put a structure in place for me, slow down on approach be in 2nd gear look right and pay attention to the other traffic. Putting this structure in place has meant that I was then able to tackle the roundabouts in Launceston and then later in Plymouth with no problem at all. The manoeuvres were weak as well so another lesson was spent just concentrating on getting the manoeuvres correct and placing a structure with each one, using a simple step by step guide. With every lesson you are guaranteed someone that is patient and calming, someone who will teach you how to drive safely, someone who will always no matter what, highlight the positives in the lesson, someone who is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the learner not just what her lesson plan says. Rachael Hoare, Plymouth